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How to write your quality blog post


Ever found a blog so interesting that you read all the previous postings in one night and just when you were hungry for more, found that the blogger listen your comments to updates his blog ? Cool, right? Or have you ever been so dazzled by the graphics on a blog only to be let down by low-quality writing or boring, uninteresting topics?

Let’s face it, these days, many people own a blog. That leaves us with a whole lot of blogs to read, with only so little time in a day. If you want to set your blog apart from the rest and be the chosen blog of the masses then you’ll need to read on.

The simple tips is to write quality articles frequently and regularly, even up to 5 quality blog posts in a month! How can you do that? Let me share some tips here.

Get cracking… Ideas!

Writing about what’s HOT is absolutely essential. Understandably, we can’t all know about everything that is current, especially if we own 10 different blogs on 10 different niches! So where can we get ideas?

  • Social media websites

    These sites can be a big help. Try scouring sites like linkedin.com and even Facebook.com. They function as a meeting place to discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet. You’ll most likely be able to get ideas for your blog posts from popular social media websites.


  • Newspapers and magazines

    Flip through newspapers and magazines to discover what are the latest news and trends. Inject your opinions into them and you have a great blog post!

  • Talk to people

    You’ll be amazed how many ideas you can generate from just talking to others. Questions posed to you by your friends or random topics of discussions may cause you to stumble upon things that make you go “Hmmm…”. These are perfect candidates for blog topics.

Do your research!

Now that you have your blog ideas, you need to get down on some researching. Nothing is worse than reading a blog on which the writer pretends to know what he’s talking about but really doesn’t. If the topic is one which you are well-versed in, you can probably skip this part but if it’s something new to you, spend some time getting acquainted with it before writing your post.

Informational vs. Promotional

Your blog posts should be focused on providing information with the unselfish aim of educating and informing your readers. Some of you may have blogs to promote your products or services but it is important to first focus on providing for the needs of your readers. In short, readers will shy away from your blogs if you have nothing to offer them and all they read is buy me, buy me, buy me!


Spell Check, Grammar Check, check everything!

No one likes reading material that is littered with grammatical or spelling mistakes. With the myriad of free writing tools like spellchecker.net available online, it’s just not acceptable. Make sure your blog posts are error free, you owe it to your loyal readers!                                                                                



Looks are everything!

Looks count in blogs. No one wants to stay glued on a plain-looking blog. Jazz it up! Formatting your blog correctly improves its readability.

  • Format your headlines

    Make your blog headlines scream for attention by bolding or italicizing.


  • Use short paragraphs and lists

    Break up your posts into shorter paragraphs. It’s much easier to sift through a blog post with short paragraphs than one with a long paragraph. Lists are great for readers who are in a rush. They are precise and straight to the point, so use them to allow your readers to get what they want from your blog, in a jiffy.

  • Use images

    There’s nothing like a picture to break up the monotony of too many words.Inject relevant images such as graphs or charts or even cartoons so your readers can relate to your post better. Haven’t we all heard the saying, “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words”.                                                                                                 

    So there you have it. A few tips to help you along to coming up with those 5 quality blog posts a month. It may be a little challenging to follow through but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll have many happier, loyal readers.

You too can be part of this great knowledge sharing community. Write for us !!! Write us at myndit@imyndit.com

Feel free to join our facebook page: Myndit Personal Branding . You may be surprised by the invaluable contacts that are right there at your fingertips.

We are gratefull to share this knoladge with you. Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi

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