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How a copywriting project should be influenced by your Brand


Do you remember the famous line in George Orwell’s Animal Farm? “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” You’re probably wondering what that has to do with branding and copywriting. Well, everything you create for a product or a service , from ads and direct mail to Web sites and in-store promotions, are affected by the brand identity.

In the following project types, you want to take special care to meld the key brand message with the copy (script) you’re writing. In many ways, these projects are long-form expressions of the tagline or slogan. So they have to be consistent (this concept is better explained during the Myndit 100% process)

Product Boilerplate Descriptions

Just about every product or service has a succinct paragraph that describes it. This is often referred to as the boilerplate. Here is an example:

Colgate Toothpaste

Fluoride-free Colgate Toothpaste fights cavities, plaque, tartar and bad breath naturally. The proven formulation of myrtle, tea tree, and grapefruit thoroughly cleans and refreshes your teeth, your gums — your whole mouth! Finally … a toothpaste safe for the whole family. So go ahead. Show us your smile. Colgate can help you for your lifetime.

Boilerplates are handy things to have at your fingertips as a writer. You can plug them into brochures, press releases, trade show panels, just about anywhere that a short, explanatory blurb about the product is required.

The product boilerplate is often developed during the product launch phase and is often updated frequently throughout a product’s lifetime. A boilerplate can even be tailored to various market segments.

An accounting software product, for example, may have multiple boilerplates: one for the small business market, another for IT professionals, and still another for corporate finance managers. So, depending on the product, you may need to write a whole fleet of boilerplates, ready to deploy in any target market or situation that arises. (For your information your target market is different from your target audience)

One thing is for sure: the boilerplate must be consistent with the brand identity. In fact, next to the tagline, it is the written representation of the brand.

Writing a boilerplate is a lot like crafting a good elevator speech. Imagine that you’re in an elevator with a potential customer. You have about ten seconds to describe your product as completely and persuasively as you can. Once those elevators doors open, your time is up. What would you say? Your answer would probably make an effective boilerplate.

Company Profiles

In business-to-business marketing, where a customer can spend tens of thousands of dollars on a product or service, the company behind the brand matters. This can also be true when marketing to consumers. Wouldn’t you want to learn more about the company you are going to trust with your retirement savings? That’s why the About Us section of the Web site, brochure, and other promotional materials can be so important.

Company profiles are often produced in two versions: short and long. Press releases use the short version, which is usually just a paragraph. Lengthy brochures, corporate folders, and Web sites tend to use a more expansive version, often a page long.

The biggest mistake that copywriters make when writing a company profile is making it too narcissistic. Remember that prospects and customers are primarily interested in themselves. What’s in it for them? You have to connect the dots and describe how the history, people, resources, and unique characteristics of the company is important to the reader.

Here is an excerpt from a company profile used in the About Us section of the company Web site:

Established in 1929, Morris Real Estate Marketing Group has been active in many aspects of marketing and communications.

Since 1991, we have focused exclusively on marketing solutions that build referrals and repeat business for real estate professionals.


Because we’ve done the research. And discovered that no other marketing approach — not mass advertising, not geographic farming, not cold calling, not anything — drives your business to the top with more certainty than Referral & Repeat Marketing.

And that excited us.

So we decided to commit to this marketing approach…an approach that elevates your status as a professional, and builds your business to a level where your clients respect you as a trusted advisor, rely on you whenever they move, refer you to friends and colleagues and, most importantly, are loyal to you.

And if the success stories we hear from the thousands of real estate professionals we work with is an indication, we made the right decision…

Two things are clear from the Morris Real Estate example. This is a company with a definite brand personality. It isn’t just a staid or boastful profile. You get a sense that these are real, honest people. And the profile conveys how the unique characteristics and resources of the company is a benefit to customers — in this case, real estate agents.

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