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Done-For-You Local Marketing Newsletter – Offline Marketing Newsletter

Done-For-You Local Marketing Newsletter - Offline Marketing NewsletterClick Image To Visit SiteIf you have been looking for a proven, low-cost method of attracting new clients, keeping current clients, and getting current clients to purchase more of your services…

If you are provide marketing solutions to offline clients then I have a “Must Have” tool for your business!

What I have for you here today is a “Done-For-You” Newsletter that is branded with your company information that you can send out to your current clients and prospective clients each and every month.

This is NOT a template where you have to go in and write the content yourself. This is a fully prepared newsletter, jam packed with great content, tips, and strategies about how businesses can use online marketing to increase their business.

All you have to do is add in your own company name, contact details and logo and you are ready to go!

In just 5 minutes (or less) you have a professional newsletter to send out to your clients and prospects each month.

All of the articles in the newsletter talk about proven ways for offline business owners to grow their business by using online marketing, mobile marketing, etc. However, the articles DO NOT show them how to do it.

See, the entire newsletter educates business owners on the benefits of using online marketing (so you don’t have to) and then urges them to contact YOU to provide that service.

Remember, none of the articles actually show the business owner how to do it and quite frankly they most likely have no interest in the technical aspects of it. They just want the big picture.

So in order to utilize the strategies we discuss in the newsletter they will need to contact you to have you do them. In fact, each article ends by telling… Read more…

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